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ArchiFrame runs on the ARCHICAD platform. ARCHICAD is a very powerful Building Information Tool developed by Graphisoft. ARCHICAD is a complete design suite with 2D and 3D drafting, visualization, and other essential functions for architects, designers, and planners. Thanks to ARCHICAD’s unique Virtual Building™ concept, designers and planners can store all essential design and building data in one central database.

The latest release, ARCHICAD 21, has patent-pending Predictive Design™ technology, and it runs on both Microsoft® Windows® and Mac® OS X 64-bit operating systems. ARCHICAD 22 is due to launch soon. Find your local ARCHICAD dealer.

ARCHICAD — conceptual design meets mass modeling

ARCHICAD is revolutionary in the way it improves building workflow and site project management. From one program, you can output elements to CNC, publish documents, and control the whole building design process.

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