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We created this handy guide with some of the most important ArchiFrame features loved by our customers. You’ll learn how ArchiFrame extends Archicad into a wood modeling software.

As you can see, ArchiFrame’s wide range of features span from the technical to the practical. Opening up on top of the existing Archicad file, ArchiFrame helps take the already impressive Archicad features even further.

The difference between an Archicad model (left) and a more detailed ArchiFrame model (right).

Quick comparison of key ArchiFrame and Archicad features

Building materials Wide range of building materials Only does planks and steel framing (primarily for wood building)
Objects Elements like walls and floors are single objects. Does not contain information about individual planks or the geometry of joints. Each individual plank is defined as a separate object, with stud size and stud spacing etc. Joints between individual planks are modeled.
Element drawings You decide which drawings to generate (e.g. a cross-section of a building). The drawings can show structural types but not the dimensions and position of each individual plank. Automatically generates an element drawing of each wall and floor. These drawings show all the planks in the element as a picture and as a list.
Top features - Teamwork
- IFC support for exchanging information with other programs
- BIMx app
- Carbon footprint calculator
- Rhino & Grasshopper live connection)
- Plank tool
- Extended plank tool
- Element tool
- Truss tool
- Foundation drawing tool
- Weatherboard tool
- CNC output
- Automated elevation

New features & tools only available in ArchiFrame

Plank tool - Conversion of Archicad beams/columns/walls to ArchiFrame planks for further editing
Extended plank tool - Fully customizable dovetail,mortise & tenon, and hidden balk shoe joints
Element tool - Add and edit elements including custom composite element types, with different materials, stud spacing etc.
Truss tool -
Foundation drawing tool -
Weatherboard tool -
CNC output - Automatic visualization and cut list from weatherboards
Automated elevation -

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