1-2-Tre AS, Norway

After a few years without finding good enough software we started learning ArchiCAD & ArchiFrame at the beginning of 2016.  After 3 weeks we did our first production model using Hundegger Speed Cut CNC-machine for the cutting process. A few weeks later we expanded our work to feed also our Weinmann WEK120 and WMS operation stations with wup-files for element assembly.  This line puts together multiple layer wall elements, including framework assembly, nailing, marking and cutting of all the separate layers in the wall.
What’s been important for us in the choice of switching to ArchiFrame are the visible adjustments and the control of every change and operation. The way to control every tool, every cut and every nail, and that the end product that comes out on the machine looks the same, and can be controlled directly, in ArchiFrame’s working environment is a huge advantage compared to the software we were using earlier. There’s an easy way of «click-and-drag» to change everything. Also the possibilities to access every macro tool, and make our own macros without having to do those things external is important.

- Jan Frode Nilsen 1-2-Tre AS

Aiza Limited

Aiza Limited, New Zealand

As a relatively new user of ArchiFrame I am impressed by the quality of output I have achieved in a short time. My contract builders were really enthusiastic about the graphical output and cut schedules that can be produced through ArchiFrame. Exciting future possibilities present themselves through CNC output. ArchiFrame will certainly be a major player in our work environment from now on.

- Bryan Coppersmith Designer, Aiza Limited

BimHouse AB

Arca Nova Element OÜ Estonia

Earlier we used another software to do the structural design but after the introduction of ArchiFrame we decided to take it on use.
The speed of working and quality of the drawings have risen to a new level. ArchiFrame allows you to create constructional drawings with minimal time and expense.
Co-operation with architects has improved. ArchiFrame stands out for its logical structure, speed and ease of use, as well as strong user support.
ArchiFrame continues to improve all the time!

- Jaanus Peterson Designer, Arca Nova Element OÜ

BimHouse AB

BimHouse AB, Sweden

We have used ArchiFrame since 2015 and we are very pleased with the program. This enables us to work in an unbroken digital process from drawing to sawmills, something that is unique and would be impossible without ArchiFrame. We are convinced that ArchiFrame is one of the keys to next generation's house production and digitization of the construction industry.

- Carl-Johan Andrén CEO, BimHouse AB Sweden

birkeland bruk

Birkeland AS, Norway
Diagram of Birkeland's factory setup

We have used ArchiFrame since 2012. I think ArchiFrame & ArchiCAD are the best software for framing in the market.

- Ove Frøitland Designer, Birkeland Bruk

Bygg1 Lyngdal AS

Bygg1 Lyngdal AS, Norway

ArchiFrame is the only solution for me when it comes to framing of wooden constructions. It is easy to use, and it has a lot of automation in it. The simplicity of UI and all nice features make my day a lot easier. ArchiFrame is so far the best software solution for people in construction of wooden homes.

- Ove-Johnny Pedersen CAD technician, Bygg1 Lyngdal AS Norway

Derome Husproduktion AB - Plusshus

Derome Plusshus, Sweden

Derome Plusshus has worked with ArchiFrame since 2018 for designing volume houses in wooden construction. By this we get a completely different level of detail required in our CNC-based production sites. We have the opportunity to work with one cad software throughout the project from architect drawings to CNC-data-files.

Jessica Lexen

- Jessica Lexen Designer, Derome Plusshus, Sweden


Designis, Netherlands

With ArchiFrame we managed to keep everything inside ArchiCAD. From Architect to factory, design, engineering, production and build everything is within the same program.
We use Archiframe for a construction system called SIP (structural insulated panel). It typically has OSB+framing with insulation+OSB.
By using Archiframe we have managed to ensure that no double drawing work is done.
We are very pleased with ArchiFrame!

Moreno Vrijma and Casper Stinenbosch

- Moreno Vrijma and Casper Stinenbosch Designis, Netherlands

Drag Arkitektur Og Byggteknikk AS

Drag Arkitektur Og Byggteknikk AS, Norway

I have found ArchiFrame very helpful in my daily work with precut. ArchiFrame is fast, easy to use and support works well. I have never had a break in my work because of ArchiFrame. I think everyone in this industry should try ArchiFrame.

- Oddvar Hobbesland Engineer, Drag Arkitektur og Byggteknikk AS Norway

Healthy Buildings Management Group

Healthy Buildings Management Group, California

ArchiFrame is a bridge between the design and the construction process. Design drawings in Archicad to light gauge steel frame construction drawings in ArchiFrame with Teamwork is a seamless process.  Our company has been using this tool since 2016 and we completely love it. It saves time and money, providing a clear 3d visualization of the CORE structure to the workers on the field.

- Yuga Chaudhari Building Technology Manager, Healthy Buildings Management Group


Honkarakenne Oyj, Finland
How Honkarakenne uses ArchiCAD and ArchiFrame in their business

We have used ArchiFrame since 2011. We get everything from the brochure to the CNC-output from ArchiCAD, ArchiFrame and ArchiLogs. We are very pleased with this setup.

- Tanja Rytkönen Vice President Design, Honkarakenne


Jörnträ, Sweden

At Jörnträ we use ArchiFrame as a tool to streamline our design process. We use ArchiFrame to model walls, floors and roof structures. We are very pleased with the results so far.

- Patrik Eriksson Civil engineer, discipline construction, Jörnträhus


Konstruhkt Industries, New Zealand

The benefit we’ve had with AF is the instant cutlists, component summary tables and weight calculations which is all very helpful. Creating the frames is fairly easy and there are many useful tools available to speed up the modelling process. The ability to build in cut tolerances is great and has contributed to accurate panels. We’ve been happy with the projects on site and they’ve all gone together really well, both clients and the site team are pleased with the results.

- James Rolfe Konstruhkt Industries

KW-Component Oy

KW-Component Ltd, Finland

I am especially fond of the system’s ease of use, logicalness and flexibility. To get good results, 3D modelling is an absolute must. It is easy to check detailed connections from the 3D model. BIMx-model is a great help in production and installations at building site. The biggest advantage in ArchiFrame compared to competing products is its ability to edit the model also in the 2D element drawings. ArchiFrame’s basic tools are better than in competing solutions and allow doing all exceptional cases also. Every update brings more automated tools to increase the design efficiency and quality. In my design work I have two main principles: no 2D line drawing, and quantity takeoffs are taken directly from the model without using calculator. ArchiCAD and ArchiFrame enables doing this perfectly!

The full testimonial

- Risto Lehmonen Structural engineer, KW-Component Ltd

Construction Planning Lindner, Austria / Tyrol

For a planning office like mine that creates draft models, visualizations, and implementation plans; submits planning applications for authorities, and produces factory plans with CNC data, ArchiFrame and Archicad are the ideal tools. Before finding ArchiFrame, I worked with Archicad to create design models, visualizations, and planning applications. For the factory planning phase, I used to have to switch to another program. Now that I’ve found ArchiFrame, the tedious switching between the two programs and the associated extra work has been eradicated. Archiframe is also the perfect tool for planning that involves roofs or anything to do with bars or metal profiles. I no longer want to construct a design plan or a planning application without ArchiFrame.

- Markus Lindner Master, Construction Planning Lindner


PÖLL GmbH, Austria

Archiframe enables us to make the perfect transition from sophisticated planning software to an intelligent and, above all, intuitive production tool for timber construction. The problem of working with different programs on the one hand to get a perfect plan, a vivid visualization and a factory planning incl. CNC interface has been solved for us with ArchiFrame. ARCHIFRAME is the optimal tool for individual timber construction.

- Wolfgang Pöll MSc Civil Engineer, Managing director Ludwig Pöll GmbH

- Matthias Pöll MSc Civil Engineer, Managing director Ludwig Pöll GmbH


Skanska Husfabrikken AS, Norway

We use ArchiCAD and ArchiFrame to produce structural drawings for wooden houses, and for element and module production. We have produced about 270 elements and 330 modules between the beginning of 2014 and January 2015. I can recommend ArchiFrame for similar use.

- Allan Møller Prosjekteringsavdeling/Designing Department, Skanska Husfabrikken AS

Sweco Rakennetekniikka Oy

Sweco Rakennetekniikka Oy, Finland

I first started using the program back in early January 2019, beginning with a three-day ARCHICAD training course. This was swiftly followed by a two-day ArchiFrame training module and by mid-January, I had successfully completed my first element design. Since then my daily design work has become ever more efficient as I deepen my knowledge of ArchiFrame features. Support has been readily available and helpful. ArchiFrame is an easy program to use and it has become a natural extension of my professional toolkit. ArchiFrame's versatility is typified by the ability to freely edit any element, and it's great to see a system that is always developing.

- Joonas Vainonen Construction & Element Designer, Sweco Rakennetekniikka Oy

VVR Wood Oy

VVR Wood Oy, Finland

ArchiCAD & ArchiFrame are by far the most user-friendly of all the BIM software we have encountered. ArchiFrame’s biggest advantage over its competitors is the system’s flexibility and custom features, allowing for a far more tailored solution. One of the most helpful time-saving features is the ability to implement a prefabricated wooden structure with just one click — automation gets it right every time! When designing simple structures, our internal design time has already been halved across the board; but even when designing more complex structures, we have been able to get the same results in about a third of the time it used to take us. And now with ArchiFrame’s new innovative replication and mirroring functions, we expect design time to fall again. One of the key advantages of ArchiFrame is that it virtually eliminates human error thanks to the system’s in-built warning messages and its ability to update the changes automatically to all related 2D-documents.

- Ville Valve Production Manager, VVR Wood Ltd


YIT Rakennus Oy, Finland
www.yit.fi YIT Rakennus Oy, element factory at Hämeenlinna chose ArchiCAD & ArchiFrame

We selected the ArchiCAD & ArchiFrame package because of its user-friendliness, flexibility, and suitability for a wide range of diverse projects. We also wanted to improve both the quality and efficiency of our design process by using 3D modelling. The ability to control CNC-machines directly from the program is an interesting possibility for future projects.

- Harri Alanen Factory Manager, YIT Rakennus Oy

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Archier, Australia


Bast, Belgium


Bildify, UK


Bohouse, Finland


Gealan, Republic of Korea


THECA Architecture, New Zealand


Ökoehituse, Estonia

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